Yum Cha Festival @ Asia Seven , Ambience Mall , Gurgaon

Dim sums are love. For all those people who doesn’t know much about dim sums then let me brief you about the same. Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim sum dishes are usually served with tea. Dim sum traditionally are served as fully cooked, ready-to-serve dishes. And if you can find dim sums with many types of stuffing ( veg & non – veg  both ). And now coming onto the Yum Cha , it is also known as going for the dim sum , is a type of Chinese style brunch tea which involves drinking the Chinese tea while relishing the dim sums.


And now coming onto this festival which was going on till 31st March 2017 at Asia Seven which is located on the third floor in the well known Ambience Mall , Gurgaon. Asia Seven offers a wonderful selection of traditional dishes from the “Seven” most popular Pan-Asian countries of China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar. Experience the most authentic cuisines prepared by our chef who adds authentic flavor in every bite. Asia Seven is known for delivering the best from the kitchen. Feast on signature specialties and give an enticing treat to your taste buds. And this place is beautifully designed and let me tell you that if you love buffets and that too of asian food , then this is the right place for you. And also one thing that I liked about this place is the live kitchen where one can actually see chef in action. And you can savor the asian feast while sipping on some amazing cocktails or mocktails as per your choice. And not to forget , a small live sushi counter is also here where you can see you sushi in making.



And now coming onto the dim sum festival in which we tried many types of dim sums along with the jasmine tea. The menu is pretty amazing and has six varieties of both veg & non – veg. Talking about the veg dim sums , the menu has Spicy Asparagus In Thai Flavors ( finely chopped thai Herbs, asparagus and peanut sauce ) , Yummy Cheese In Chilly Oil ( new york phillycheese, water chestnut, shitake ) , Crystal wild mushroom ( three mushrooms, water chestnut carrot and fresh coriander ) , Crunchy Cantonese veg ( chopped french bean, baby corn, Asian seasoning , Broccoli Almond ( broccoli, french bean, almond ) , Assorted mushroom Bao ( shitake, black fungus, baby corn ). Where as the non veg menu has , Prawn in hot yellow curry ( flavor of thai assorted herbs, prawn, coriander, chilly ) , Chicken and water chestnut Dumpling ( flavorful oriental sauce, spring onion, chili flakes ) , Crystal duck and cherry ( roasted duck, cherry, hoisin sauce ) , Chicken Siewmai ( finely chopped chicken, basil and fresh red chilly , Classic Prawn Hargow ( crunchy tiger prawn , bamboo shoot, water chest nut ) , Char Siu Porkbao ( roasted pork and authentic asian sauce ). So , if you are a dim sum lover just like us then do NOT forget to experience this amazing festival called YUM CHA at Asia Seven , Ambience Mall , Gurgaon.


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