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Just like us, our skin and hair also feel the stress of our daily lives. While the skin starts to grow dull, wrinkly and sometimes even acne, the hair also starts to show its own symptoms of stress. Caring for the hair becomes a task when you’re running a tight schedule. Lucky for us, Teal and Terra are here with there perfectly curated range of hair oils, cleansers and serums that help you provide nourishment to the hair and keep stressed out tresses away! There products are made with natural ingredients, which means no harsh chemicals coming your way, and they help to strengthen your hair naturally.


Here are some of our favourites from the range:


Hair Cleanser with Argan oil :

Our hair go through a lot, be it stress, pollution or the overload of chemicals. Caring for them is equally important just as we care for our skin. Loaded with the goodness of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe Vera gel and Coconut and neem extracts, the Teal and Terra’s Hair Cleanser with Argan Oil is your hair’s best friend! While Olive Oil is known to keep your hair lustrous, Argan Oil is great to deeply condition your hair, making them ever so soft and shiny! The presence of Vitamin A, C and Amino Acids keeps the hair nourished and makes them smooth. This shampoo is ideal for both men and women and amazing for everyday use!
So get your hands on this incredible shampoo and enjoy soft smooth hair!



Coconut & Argan Oil Conditioner :

While shampooing helps us get rid of the dirt and germs from the hair, a good conditioner helps us retain moisture and keeps the hair strong and shiny. The Coconut & Argan Oil Conditioner from Teal and Terra is all you need to keep your hair healthy and happy. With the nourishment of Coconut, Lavender and Jojoba oil, this conditioner helps to reduce stress, elevates headache while promoting hair growth. Argan oil not helps to tame frizz, it also contains SPF which helps protect your hair against the harmful UV rays!

Bid adieu to dull frizzy hair with this ultra nourishing Argan Oil Conditioner.



3-in-1 Scrub, Mask, Cleanser with Activated Charcoal :

In our busy schedules, it’s hard to fit in a dedicated skin care routine, from cleansing to scrubbing to masking. But with Teal and Terra’s 3-in-1 Scrub, Mask, Cleanser is the one product that helps you combat tanning, blackheads and deeply cleanses the skin, making it smooth and soft! With the goodness of Activated Charcoal, walk your way to an oil free look by detoxifying your skin and easily removing dead skin cells that makes your skin healthy and supple skin! And the best part is the presence of mint extracts which give a cooling effect to the skin that helps soothe it in this scorching heat!



Hairfall and Dandruff Treatment Hair Serum :

Since ages we have known the value of Coconut and Sunflower oil for our hair, but little did we know that the Red Onion Oil is also beneficial! Loaded with Vitamin A, C and Sulphur, Onion Oil helps promote hair growth and helps keep grey hair at bay! This Hair Serum is perfect for someone who suffers from dandruff and hairfall. And since it is made with all natural ingredients, this serum is all you need in your vanity to care for your hair!


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