VLCC Ayurveda Face Wash Range

The Magic Of VLCC Ayurveda Face Wash Range


Taking care of your skin with the ever growing pollution is a big task. This pollution causes your complexion to dull down, skin problems like pimples, dryness, blackheads and uneven skin tone and much more. And in our busy schedules, who would want to use tonnes of products to bring back their skin to life. Have no fear when VLCC Ayurveda Face Wash Range is here.


The UV Rays tend to damage the skin, leaving dry, dull and pigmented. This call for the constant care and protection of the skin against such harmful rays. A daily cleanup can help you fight all skin problems but an elaborate cleanup with our timed schedules is a big no no. Using a face wash that suits your skin and keeps your skin healthy and glowing is your saviour. So bid adieu to dry, dull skin with VLCC Ayurveda Face Wash Range which is the one stop where you can find your perfect face wash. Be it oily, combination or dry skin, everyone has got to find something that suits their skin type and fight the dry & dull skin.


Here are some of our favorite face washes from the range:


Double Power Double Neem Face Wash :

Since ages our mothers and grandmothers have stressed on the health benefits of Neem. Not only it is known for its antibacterial properties that fights acne but also has Vitamin C that helps brightens up the skin. And Double Power Double Neem Face Wash by VLCC is packed with Neem and Neem Oil. Cleansing your face with it will help you fight acne. And dullness also unfold glowing, supple skin! And the best part is that it’s paraben and soap free!



Haldi & Chandan Face Wash :

We are tired of treating our skin with the harshest of chemicals to get rid of blemishes and the tan. Therefore , the use of natural elements like turmeric can really help to get rid of the stubborn tan. VLCC’s Haldi & Chandan Face Wash is just the perfect match for your needs. The Ayurvedic Formula of this face wash is loaded with the goodness of Haldi & Chandan. And that will not only banishes tan but also rejuvenates the skin. And moreover gives you a healthy and natural glow!



Haldi & Tulsi Face Wash :

Being known for its anti inflammatory properties, Tulsi is a God send for deep cleansing of pores as it is absolute necessity when it comes to skin care. Bid adieu to The perfect combination of Haldi & Tulsi helps eliminate dullness and nourishes your skin! The Tulsi extracts also help lighten dark spots! The paraben free formula makes it even more healthy for the skin, giving it a glow-from-within kind of look!



Chandan & Kesar Face Wash :

Being known for its nourishing power, Chandan is one of the best Ayurvedic herb for moisturising the skin! The perfect blend of Kesar and Chandan is a God-send when it comes to a blemish free skin, this face wash is sure to leave your skin bright and radiant! And the paraben free formula makes it even more healthy for the skin, giving it a glow-from-within kind of look!



So, it’s time to make your skin a healthy with the best Ayurvedic face wash range available. Best part is that you can order these online ( website link given below ) and get it delivered right at your doorstep.

VLCC Personal Care Website : https://www.vlccpersonalcare.com/


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