VLCC's Baby Care Range

VLCC’s Ayurveda Baby Care Range Protecting Our Baby’s Skin

A Happy Baby Is A Healthy Baby!! 


All about VLCC’s Baby Care Range. God’s most miraculous creation, babies, need all the love, care and attention. Be it their health, body or skin, every aspect of their lives are dependent on us. These little bundles of joy have the softest yet smoothest skin.

While our skin has the power to fight through the damaging pollution and chemicals, on the other hand, a baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive. Thus it requires a whole lot of care and protection. Be it a new born or a toddler, every baby’s skin has different needs. Every baby has a different type of skin and they require special products that suit their skin.

Caring for their skin requires you to try out tonnes of different products and find that one which suits your baby! From face creams to body lotions to body wash and above all a diaper cream, every product should suit their skin and keep it healthy and happy. Thankfully, VLCC’s Baby Care Range is here to help take care of you baby’s skin with utmost love and tenderness and their range of products is free from chemicals and just perfect for your little ones.

Here are the products from the baby care range that we absolutely loved :

Ayurveda Baby Cream :

The harsh weather and pollution makes it hard to care for that sensitive and soft baby skin. But with VLCC’s Ayurveda Baby Cream, you can nourish their skin and provide complete protection against dust, allergies and pollution. This cream is packed with Almond, Olive and Geranium Oil, that are great sources of Vitamin E and have antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that keep itchiness, rashes and dryness at bay. So treat your baby with this nourishing cream and lead him/her to a healthy life!


VLCC's Baby Care Range


Ayurveda Head to Toe Wash :

Babies demand regular cleaning and bathing. And using something harsh and full of chemicals can be harmful for their sensitive skin. But VLCC’s Head to Toe wash is all you need. Its mild formula full of Coconut Oil, Haldi and Aloe extracts not only cleanses but also moisturises your baby’s tender skin! Your baby is sure to enjoy bath time with this amazing Head to Toe Wash!


VLCC's Baby Care Range


Ayurveda Diaper Cream :

Since the baby’s skin is plump and soft, it is prone to rashes and dryness. And when it comes to diapers, your baby might experience irritation and inflammation. While parents are advised to use less and less of diapers but when you do, put the Ayurveda Diaper Cream to good use and fight all the irritation, dryness and other skin problems with just a dollop of this cream. The Yashada Bhasma and Chamomile extract soothe the skin and banish any redness.


VLCC's Baby Care Range


Ayurveda Baby Lotion :

Our mothers and grandmothers have always emphasised on the importance of Milk for our skin. Just like us, baby’s skin also needs the nourishment. Gladly, Ayurveda Baby Lotion is full of Milk protein, Olive Oil and Vitamin E extracts that are perfect to keep their skin smooth and lustrous!


VLCC's Baby Care Range


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