Street Food Festival @ Zodiac , Fortune Select Excalibur Hotel , Sohna Road

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Street food has taken over the world very strongly and specially our country  , India. If you don’t believe that then visit some of the cities of the country like New Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata , Kanpur , Lucknow , Kolkata & many more and you’ll get to know that people actually relish the street food and the number of these people are in billions and that too everyday. For us , street food is the ultimate comfort & soul food and New Delhi is one such state where we can relish many varieties of street food like Chole Bhature , Puri Chole , Kachori , Gol Gappe & the list is so on. Every state has a signature street food item like the Jhal Muri is from Kolkata , Vada Pav from Mumbai , Litti Chokha from Bihar. And if we talk about the busiest cities of our country like New Delhi & Mumbai where people don’t have the time to have the breakfast at home , instead they prefer to pick up their favorite street food as a quick bite and goes to work. No indian market is complete without some street food stalls and thus this feast brings happiness. And you all must be thinking that today why I am talking about the street food scene in our country. This is because , I recently went to Zodiac which is located in the Fortune Select Excalibur Hotel , Sohna Road where this street food festival was running and they are serving some of the signature dishes of many states of our country.

The Interiors
The Interiors

To give you a brief description about Zodiac , let me tell you that this place is a great multi cuisine restaurant and is also popular for breakfast meetings as menu gives the customers a wide variety of options ranging from European to Indian to Healthy breakfasts.The warm and hearty service provided in Zodiac is at par with excellence. And now coming onto the hotel , which is also a part of ITC Chain , Fortune Select Excalibur, located in the bustling Sohna Road is in close proximity with not only Delhi, but also the airport, shopping complex , food outlets along with neighbouring tourist attractions like Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary & Sohna Hot Spring and few other places where one can visit in the day to rejuvenate and come back to hotel in the evening. And talking about the interiors and overall ambiance of Zodiac , this place is really beautifully designed and it has a very peaceful and cozy ambiance where one can sit for hours while enjoying the food & drinks.

The Dessert Counter
The Buffet Area

Coming back to this Street Food Festival which the hotel had organised few days back , let me describe you about the menu we had. We were welcomed and greeted by the staff and we were offered a Welcome Drink called Singapore Sling which was basically a mocktail and it was very refreshing. While sipping on the drink , I went through the menu and it was consisted of some famous Indian delicacies as well as some International delicacies and personally I really liked the menu. The Indian delicacies were Chandni Chowk Ke Chole Bhature which were really amazing in taste. The chole was perfectly cooked in spices and the bhature was fluffy and tasty. Purani Delhi Ki Kachori & Aloo Ki Sabzi which is still a classic. Super hot and crisp deep fried kachori topped with aloo ki sabzi. The aloo ki sabzi was really light and delicious where as the kachori was a bit hard. Mysore Paddu & Akki Roti With Mysore Chicken Curry in which Mysore Paddu was basically a type of vada in which tamarind dip was already there and the Mysore style chicken curry was a real bliss to have. Bengal’s Puchke which was basically gol gappe ( called in Delhi ) , Ganne Ka Ras , Bihar’s Litti Chokha , Kolkata’s Jhal Muri & Chicken Roll in which jhal muri is basically an another version of Mumbai’s bhel puri and the Chicken Roll was a real delight. Loaded with chicken , some veggies and kasaundi dip this roll took my heart away.

Kolkata’s Jhal Muri


Talking about International delicacies , we had Indonesian Chicken Satay which was basically the regular chicken satay which also had a very mild flavor of kaffir lime as well and the chicken was cooked to perfection. Mongolian Mix Meats Grill which was basically the combination of noodles and rice mixed with meats and it’s taste turns out to be really good. Nepal’s Bhaktapur Momos and this dish needs no introduction. Chicken momos nepal style served with a gravy and totally heaven it was. South Africa’s Bunny Chow  which is basically the one of the most loved fast food dish of South Africa consisting of a hollowed out bread loaf filled with curry but here the mutton curry also had some chopped veggies in it. Poland’s French Bread Pizza which was very colorful in looking. French style bread topped with chicken and finally chopped veggies which includes the red and yellow bell peppers as well and the bell peppers only made it so beautiful in looks and it gave a perfect crunch in eating too. So overall we totally had an amazing experience in tasting different types of street foods of the world. And coming onto the desserts , I had tasted some really amazing desserts which were heavenly in taste. The desserts included Ras Malai , Red Velvet Cheese Cake , Baked Toffee Cheese Cake and few others.

South Africa’s Bunny Chow
Poland’s French Bread Pizza
Baked Toffee Cheese Cake
Red Velvet Cheese Cake
Ras Malai
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