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We come across a huge number of fast moving consumer goods in our daily life. Our households are a big conglomeration of different brands – some big some small. We adapt to these brands based on their value in market as well as the trust we have in their name. One such brand in Modicare Limited, which is spread across a large number of verticals ranging from Tobacco and Tea, Agrochemical to Education, Entertainment to Retail, Cosmetics, Network Marketing, Salons, Fashion, Restaurants and Travel. The guiding philosophy of Modicare group is to not measure success by the financials alone. The objective of the chairman of Modicare – K.K. Modi Group has been to create – along with value – a change for the good, and give back to society.

Some of the more famous brand names of the Modicare group include Godfrey Phillips, Colorbar cosmetics and 24 Seven stores. Both of these are the brainchild of their Executive Director, K. K. Modi Group, and also Founder and Managing Director, Modicare Limited – Mr. Samir Modi. After gifting us with many such innovative conveniences, Mr. Modi has once again brought a revolutionary food and beverage product chain – “Soul Flavours”.

With the idea of ‘Everything under one roof’, Soul Flavours brings everything under one umbrella from basic spices to meal ending mouth fresheners. They have a huge catalogue of f&b items – cooking oils, honey, pasta, spices, etc. We tried some of their items like –

  • Soul Flavours Penne Rigate ( Pasta ) :

It is a healthy and versatile Semolina pasta made with 100% Durum Wheat. Free from any added colours, flavours and preservatives simple to cook and perfect for creating mouth-watering dishes. Who doesn’t like pasta and what’s better than a wheat pasta. Prepared with excellent quality of durum wheat and is completely vegetarian with zero-trans fat & zero-cholesterol. So you can eat without worrying about the cholesterol levels and fat and enjoy the taste of this amazing pasta.  MRP : INR 185



  • Soul Flavours All Natural Stevia Powder :

Natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of plant species rebaudiana. An excellent sugar substitute, has no artificial sweeteners or chemicals. A perfect option for those who are heath conscious or do not prefer consuming the refined sugar in any form. MRP : INR 465




  • Soul Flavours Pure Honey :

Sourced from natures lap Soul Flavours Pure Honey is a wonder food that is rich in antioxidants, important vitamins and essential minerals. Pure honey is really difficult to find nowadays but we really liked the quality of this honey by modicare. As we all know that honey has been used since ages and is really effective for weight loss and maintaining the overall health and is also a perfect substitute of refined sugar. We have already started consuming this honey in warm water along with a dash of lemon and it tastes really good. MRP : INR 330




  • Soul Flavours Shahi Mukhwas :

Prepared with the goodness of natural ingredients like dry Dates ( Khajoor), Fennel seeds ( Saunf ), Cardamom seeds ( Elaichi ) and Catechu ( Kattha ) , this premium quality mouth freshner is perfect for refreshing your mouth and can help digest the food quickly. This has become our family’s must eat after dinner and you guys should try it too. MRP : INR 175



All their products are priced in favour of consumers and not to make large bucks for the company.

The quality of the food items is at par with many high end brands and they do carry the trust of the 80 year old company. All their products are available for purachase through Modicare’s consultants or at Modicare Distribution Points/ Modicare Success Centres/ Modicare Lifestyle Centres.

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