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Palm oil is a vegetable oil produced from the oil palm fruit. Malaysia and Indonesia are responsible for producing about 85% of the world’s palm oil, while other producers include Thailand, Columbia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Ecuador. Palm oil is found in almost 50% of food products in the supermarket; from chocolates to biscuits and peanut butter to ice-cream, palm oil in its various fractions and derivatives are a common ingredient in these food products. In addition, oleo chemicals derived from palm oil are also used in the production of personal care products, detergents and household cleaning products.Palm Oil is an important commodity in the global oils and fats market and it is an essential vegetable oil for ensuring global food security. Malaysian palm oil is produced sustainably and responsibly while complying with existing national regulations, complemented with best practices and plantation management, without neglecting the environment and its services. Malaysian palm oil is important in supplying the world’s requirement for affordable oils and fats compared to other edible oils. Malaysian palm oil industry’s sustainability policy and certification system ensures the production and the availability of high quality palm oil in the global market.

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For several decades saturated fats have been targeted as a risk factor for the ever increasing incidence and mortality from coronary heart disease. However current evidence based on large population cohorts and subsequent meta-analysis of the data have created a much needed new opinion that swings the evidence away from saturated fat consumption. There is still heated debate on the subject with experts continuing to express differing opinions on the same subject. The evidence is however mounting and increasingly the risk associated with consumption of saturated fats is less pronounced and shifting more towards total calorie intake especially those empty calories from refined sugar and carbohydrates.

An event was held on January 12, 2018 in collaboration with Malaysian Palm Oil Council. The long event kicked off at Ardor 2.1 in Connaught Place with DR Bhavna Shah – Country Representative – India/Sri Lanka of Malaysian Palm Oil Council who presented us with all the facts and myths about Palm Oil. She described the nutritious values of Palm Oil despite of all the negative popularity Palm Oil has gained in recent times.

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After the refreshing and informative session, we moved on to our next event which was a Food Hunt that was spread all over the Central Delhi. We started out in teams of 6 people and trailed the clues and reached Pandey’s Paan – one of the iconic paan places in Delhi. It is famous for its paan and moreover the delegates and politicians who visit this iconic place to have this delicacy. We tried Butterscotch paans here in which the cashews were fried in the palm oil and complimenting to the standards and famous name it has held, the paan was excellent.

Our second clue took us to My Bar Headquarters where another innovative event was waiting for us. The teams were allotted the task of preparing a salad using Palm Oil dressing. It was a fun event that brought out our creativity and moreover the excitement of working in team to prepare food gave us the feeling of being a MasterChef.

Pic Courtesy : MPOC India

Next clue took us to Punjabi by Nature, another famous eatery in CP where a quiz was held. The quiz comprised of all the questions about the knowledge we had gained till now from the presentations and the discussions.

For our final round we reached back Ardor 2.1. The next event was a food-tasting session with a twist. We were blind-flooded and we had to figure out the dish as well as the ingredients. The dishes were all prepared using Palm Oil. We solved the mystery with the calling out of the dish as Kadhai Paneer.

The event concluded with naming of the winners followed by lunch. All the attendees enjoyed the informative sessions and increased our learning about Palm Oil. The event was really a great breather about ways of using Palm Oil in daily life.

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