Noor-E-Izdihar by Dolly Nagpal At Asian Designer Week, 2017

The Joy Of Dressing Is An Art ~ John Galliano

The Asian Designer Week is definitely one of it’s kind fashion events which is mainly focused on the creative work of the hard working fashion designers from all over the Asia which they showcase to global audience unlike other shows where the main spotlight is on celebrities and big shot fashion designers. For all those who doesn’t know much about this amazing fashion event , let us give you a brief description.

Image Source ( Asian Designer Week ,17 )
Image Source ( Asian Designer Week, 17 )

The Asian Designer Week  is the flagship product of iGenius Entertainment , a media and entertainment company offering services in the fields of Fashion & Events, Films & Television and Video Production, established in October 2015 and a sister concern of I-Genius Global Services Pvt. Ltd. Asian Designer Week is a platform for fashion designers which helps them maximize their business value through increased opportunities, learning environment and a strong networking avenue. The vision of ADW is to be a committed pioneer paving the way to develop and nurture continuous excellence, growth and innovation in the Asian Fashion Industry.

As we mentioned above that this platform is for all the talented and hardworking fashion designers , so today we’ll be mentioning about one such talented designer who proudly unveiled her winter / festive collection 2017 called Noor-E-Izdihar at Asian Designer Week in association with Vaatsaalyaa Charitable Trust for Education which took in garden of five senses , saket from on 4th & 5th November 2017 and she is none other than Casaa De Ouro by Dolly Nagpal who is known for her exclusive style reflects fashion in its closest form, building a bridge between fashion and nature itself. This collection is focused on the enriching eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.  Noor-E-Izdihar , which is a perfect balance between the modern persona and traditional style , is inspired by Persian motive and
architecture displayed beautifully in the design and embroidery of the ensembles. And this collection is more of royal colors such as  emerald green , yellow ochre , maroon and many more.  The vision behind the collection is to allow the strong & modern woman find comfort and passion at the same time as the ensembles are made for dual purpose and can be used for both, contemporary and trousseau wear.

Image Source ( Asian Designer Week,17 )

About Casaa De Ouro : The skills and mindset behind the brand, Casaa De Ouro, is of an upbeat Delhi woman, “Dolly Nagpal”. The entrepreneur Dolly Nagpal, who aims to touch the sky, finds inspiration by staying attached to her roots. She states, “Fashion is a natural instinct which creates a creative channel. It is how you breathe, what you wear, how comfortable are you in your own skin and eventually, how it that  you can be, simply you. Designing allows me freedom of expression.”



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