Shaving Becomes Easy With Modicare’s Twin Blade Plus Ready Shaver

We all love a soft smooth skin, not only just women but men too love to care for their skin. But the coarse facial hair turn that into a distant dream. And with the growing pollution and heat, removing hair and maintaining hygiene has become the need of the hour. Men too are upping their skincare game with scrubs and facials! A grooming kit is their saviour when it comes to skin care.

While men don’t really believe in the concept of holy grail products but they do love a clean shave which makes their skin soft, smooth and healthy. A razor, shaving gel and an after shave lotion is all you need in a kit! But catering to the different needs and skin types, now that’s a task. So Modicare is here with their Velocity Grooming Kit cater to all your grooming needs and give you the soft and smooth skin you crave.

Here are some of the products that we loved from their range!

Twin Blade Plus Ready Shaver :

Everyone loves a clean shave but no one wants the razor cuts that come along! But with the Velocity’s Twin Blade Plus Ready Shaver say hello to clean smooth shave. The Vitamin E Strip helps get that effortlessly sleek shave and helps prevent razor cuts and rashes! And the best part about this shaver is the pivot head that adjusts according
to the shape and cuts of the face! This shaver is truly a God-send for someone who loves a squeaky clean shaven look! So get your hands on this shaver for a smooth shave.

Velocity Smooth Shave Gel :

A quality shaving gel is a must in a grooming kit and Modicare’s Velocity Smooth Shave Gel is all that you need! For that comfortable and smooth shave a good shaving gel is necessary. This shaving gel has extracts of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Olive Oil that makes your razor glide through your skin and gives you that squeaky clean shaven skin. And for that extra hydration, the gel also contains glycerin which makes the skin soft and keeps it

Velocity After Shave Splash :

Any grooming kit is incomplete without an after shave lotion. So Modicare is here with their Velocity After Shave Splash that not only helps calm the razor burns but also rejuvenates the skin! The presence of menthol and aloe vera gives a cooling effect to the skin, giving you a splash of freshness, because who doesn’t love something chilling in the scorching heat! And the glycerin keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day! So what’s not to like about this
splash of freshness? Grab your share of smooth skin now!


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