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No prizes for guessing our one of the favorite destination – GOA. A state in India within the coastal region ( Konkan ) in western india. Located between Maharashtra & Karnataka , Goa is the smallest state by area. Every year people from all over the world visit Goa for it’s beaches , rich heritage and most importantly – FOOD. Goan cuisine is famous for it’s rich variety of non vegetarian dishes ( specially sea food ) and fish is their first choice. The people of Goa loves fish curry with rice and hence it is a staple food for them. The Goan cuisine is heavily influenced by portuguese cuisine and therefore coconut oil , chillies & vinegar are widely used in their food. Now you all must be thinking that why I am discussing about this amazing state and it’s food culture.  Read below to know more. DSC_1148DSC_1149DSC_1150DSC_1145DSC_1146DSC_1147

So the reason of discussing about goan cuisine is the special food festival which is still on at Zambar , Ambience Mall , Gurgaon till 05th June and this festival is named as Goan Shack Menu which has the special goan delicacies which includes my personal favorite Pork Vindaloo , Rawa Fried Prawns and what not. Zambar is located on the 3rd floor of the famous Ambience Mall and not only goan food , this place serves amazing south indian food as well. Zambar has an amazing ambience inspired by the typical houseboats lazing around the idyllic kerala backwaters.


We tried the menu and we absolutely loved every single dish prepared by the chef. And what we loved the most was the traditional welcome. The jasmine garland and the tikka on the forehead. This place is designed beautifully and the main dining area has been designed as a boat which looks stunning. The staff is very welcoming and polite. We started off with the coconut water which was very refreshing and that added a zing to the theme. And then was the time to relish the goan delicacies and we started with Bangda Mackeral which was heavenly in flavors and prepared in right amount of spices. Marinated with hot Red masala ground with Goan toddy vinegar. Shallow fried and served with our crisp coconut ribbon salad. And then we had Rawa Fried Prawns which were super crispy and semolina coated , Chorize Sausages Chilly Fry which was cooked twice stir fried with onions and green peppers , Rossa Omelet in which the omelette was topped with the goan chicken curry , the famous Goan Fish Curry which was so aromatic and delicious. Amazingly prepared in coconut milk , spices and kokum. And not to forget the legendary Pork Vindaloo which blew away our mind with its taste and texture.  And all these delicacies were complimented by Sausage Pulao , Prawn Pulao and some breads as well which includes Sannas , Undey Pao , Katre Pao, Kankon Pao & Wheatbran Poiee.



And no meal is incomplete without the dessert and the people of goa loves Bebinca which is a type of pudding and this cake has seven layers and this was served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. So if you want to relish this amazing menu then rush to Zambar at the earliest and thank us later.

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