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Do you ever crave for chatpata food whenever you visit a fine dine place, the flavours of street side foods but find it difficult to go out from place to place to hog on these ? Mosaic – Crowne Plaza, Rohini, brings to you from the lanes of Old Delhi, ‘Chandni Chowk to Rohini’ festival. The festival showcases delicacies like Cholle Kulche, Kebabs, Kachoris, Chaats and lots more. And for the ones who live for delectable sweet delicacies, the chefs have a lot in store like Rabri Faluda, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi and others.


Crowne Plaza Rohini treats you with excellent service and provides finest dining option too. Mosaic – is one of their in house fine dine restaurant. It has brilliant food with quite an extensive menu ranging from buffets to ala carte international delicacies. The place is quite huge in terms of seating and a sublime ambience.

We went to relish ourselves with the charming feast. The chefs delighted us with Cholle Kulche, Fruit Chaat, Natraj Ke Dahi Bhalle , Pav Bhaji as starters. The starters will remind you of the real flavours of the food found in the heart of Old Delhi.


Natraj Ke Dahi Bhalle


Cholle Kulche


The cholle kulche were prepared in the traditional way of dry cholle with subtle spices served with warm and toasted kulche. Fruit chaat as usual was very fresh with crunchy and juicy fruit chunks tossed in sweet sour chutneys. Natraj Ke Dahi Bhalle were fantastic with same taste of sweet tamarind sauce used at the original place in Chandni Chowk. Sweet Lassi was a cherry on top. Even the Pav Bhaji was delicious. Bhaji was mildly spiced and it had a perfect balance of seasonings served with Pav which were toasted a bit in butter.




Fruit Chaat


Pav Bhaji



For main course we had Tawa Macchi, Murg Lehsuni Tikka and Chicken Biryani. The food was excellent and each dish had its own exceptional flavour. Tawa Macchi was tender in texture but crispy on the outside after frying it on the tawa. Murg Lehsuni Tikka chicken was cooked to perfection, spiced well with garlicky marination.

For desserts, we had the rainy season delight – Ghewar and Boondi Rabdi. Ghewar is usually prepared during the rainy season with flour and sugar syrup and covered on top with a thick layer of Mawa or Khoya. The chefs did an outstanding job in preparing the ghewar as close as it could get to the traditional taste. The latter was a fusion of sweet boondis in mildly sweet and thick rabdi.


Ghewar With Rabdi


Boondi Rabdi

The service as usual was superlative with warm welcomes and we always find it difficult to bid goodbye to such sterling places.

The details for the festival are as follows:

NAME: Chandni Chowk To Rohini

DATE: 27th July – 19th August, 2018

VENUE: Mosaic, Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini

TIME: Lunch – 12:30p.m. To 3:30p.m.

Dinner- 7:00p.m. To 11:30p.m.

PRICE: Lunch Buffet- 1549/- + Taxes

Dinner Buffet- 1899/- + Taxes

Weekend Dinner Buffet – 2099/- + Taxes

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