Burgers With Indian Twist

Being a Punjabi plus a food enthusiast, we have always had a taste for our very own Indian cuisine and recently we have seen a lot of fusion foods coming up like curry flavoured burgers and pizzas. Burger Singh, a $4 Million start-up, visualized the same and brought out for us and Indian flavour burger chain. With over 27 outlets in Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Nagpur, Pune and Dehradun they have recently moved out to London as well with their growing fan base and 2 rounds of angel and strategic fundings. So, apart from the other brands that are in the market currently , Burger Singh has been doing a phenomenal job with their craft burgers and they have also been working on the feedback of the customers and taking the feedback seriously so that they continue to create amazing burgers which will make their customers happy.

The menu they serve is simple yet intriguing – Keema Pao, the Pao Bhaji Burger, the Malabar Express Chicken Burger & Channa Burger for the vegetarians, the Jattputt Chicken Burger, the Amritsari Murgh Makhani Burger, the Udta Punjab Burger, the Bunty Pappeh Da Aloo Burger and the United States of Punjab Burgers are just a few of them which are highly recommended. Along with these yummy burgers they serve finger food like fries and chicken wings, and some signature dips like Cheddar Cheese , Cheese Onion and Hot Bihari. Coz you just cannot have a burger without a side dish.

We were lucky enough to gorge upon some of these tastiest burgers which were absolutely delicious. And talking about their burgers which we tried , we really loved the texture of each burger and there is something in desi flavours which we simply cannot resist.

American Grilled Chicken : The famous and subtle burger without any fusion, having a patty of grilled juicy chicken and veggies. This classic burger is our one of the favorites of all time and this can never go wrong. The chicken patty was soft , juicy and grilled to perfection. Even the veggies ( lettuce and onion ) had that crunch which enhanced the overall taste of this beauty.


Jattputt Chicken : A cheesy burger served with a chicken patty topped with cheddar cheese. Another simple yet delicious no nonsense burger which is also now our one of the favorites. Paired it with their Classic Lemon Iced Tea and it does tasted great.





United States of Punjab Burger ( USP Burger ) : A burger with Indian fusion of grilled chicken tikkas as patty with onion rings and liquid cheese. The chicken tikka patty had the prominent flavors of the regular chicken tikka and it was seasoned and grilled perfectly. Chicken tikka patty really complemented the cheese and one was not just enough to , we thought later.



Malabar Express : Another Indian taste brought from southern India, prepared with selected southern spices with the patty. This burger is an amazing addition to their menu and they have done a splendid job with that. not just patty , the sauce was exceptionally amazing in taste. Do not miss this one.



To dunk all these beauties we had their Classic Lemon Iced Tea and Masala Shikanji, a different break from regular sodas and colas. These drinks were so refreshing and it didn’t only help us digest those delicious burgers where as refreshed our soul as well coz beating the heat is also the most important nowadays.


Burger Singh has been treating its patrons with both Veg and Non Veg options in all their menu options. With a proper seating, delivery and takeaway, Burger Singh is set to hit your tastebuds right. Do visit your nearest outlet or you can even order online.

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