An Evening With SU Chef !

For us , learning has always been the main forte and will always be. Be it anything , but talking about the food industry , we tend to learn a lot of things including the cuisines. And if we talk about cuisines , the first thing that comes in mind is Indian Cuisine which shows and depicts the rich heritage and culture of our county. And one such type of food that comes under the Indian Cuisine is Kayastha Food , which many people don’t know and only some people know about this cuisine. Kayastha is one of the highly educated community of India and hence Kayasthas have traditionally acted as keepers of public records and accounts , writers and administrators of the state. And those were Kayasthas only who were on top positions during the british raj and mughal empire. The Kayasthas are descended from Chitragupta , who was born from the body of Lord Brahma. And talking about their food , let me tell you that the kayasthas love meat in their food.

There is so much to talk about the Kayastha Cuisine & Kayastha Community. But you all must be thinking that why I am today talking about the same. So the reason is SU CHEF i.e Chef Sugandha Saxena who is born raised in the kayastha family in  New Delhi and she has done here culinary education from Switzerland and when she came back  she decided to take her native cuisine forward and educate more and more people about the same. And when she created her brand called SU CHEF and currently she prepares all the food by herself at her home and fulfilling the orders given by the people. And if you have already started planning about your order , than let me tell you that the minimum order limit is 1 kg each of every dish you want to order. And coming onto my experience of the food which I tried few days back , every dish which super delicious in taste. The flavors were totally rich and amazing. To know what dishes I tried , read the following paragraph and get set to drool.

I started my Kayastha Food Journey with a veg dish called Sewrha which was basically the Colocasia Leaf Rolls and this was a dish which had a bit of the turkish influence which came to India with Mughals. These rolls were served hot , crisp and those were amazing. Next up was the Aloo Bhalla which was the proper Uttar Pradesh style aloo tikki topped with onions , mint and coriander chutney  which was spicy as well. The aloo tikki is a childhood favorite as I grew up eating this and I totally relished this dish. Next up was the non veg starter called Kebab – e – Dilruba , which was sort of the galouti kebabs prepared with dungar technique and the flavors were really droolsome and those were really soft. The fragrance of the kebabs took this dish to another level altogether.

Aloo Bhalla
Kebab – e – Dilruba

The main course was even more exciting and delicious for me as it has all the mutton dishes such as Mutton – e – Dadima which is basically a traditional dish which is passing from generations to generations and the flavors were heavenly and this dish has to be my favorite out of all I tried. Next up was Mastane Kofte which was basically a dish of meat balls prepared in the gravy which has all the spices in it. And my last main course dish was the Mutton Yakhni Pilaf  , which  was more of a mutton pulao which was prepared with just the right amount of the seasonings and spices and the mutton as well was amazing cooked and was tender. Loved it to the core.

Mutton – e – Dadima
Mastane Kofte
Mutton Yakhni Pilaf


So after the scrumptious main course , it was the time to relish the desserts prepared by SU CHEF. I firstly had the Nawabi Chandni which was basically the gulabi kheer prepared with the rose flavor topped with a bit of gulkand. Next up was the Sona Chandi which was chane ki dal ka halwa which I found very decent. But for me , the showstoppers were the Besan Laddoos & Elaichi Churro Laddoos which were just heavenly for me. So on the whole , the food from SU CHEF is highly recommended. Do try it and I know you won’t regret it.

Nawabi Chandni
Sona Chandi
Besan Laddoo
Elaichi Churros Laddoo


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